5. Claying Possibilities

Claying Possibilities

We offer the children sculpting clay to help them think the monsters.

“It’s cold!” “It’s so soft!” “I like how it feels!” “It smells like dirt! Like wet dirt!” “It smells like the monster!”

We wonder if the clay came from our river. Maybe it could come from Buck Creek or somewhere nearby. As our fingers work the clay, it softens and warms up in our hands. Many interesting creatures are emerging as we engage the clay. We sculpt many different monster possibilities with clay.

“This is the monster. It has spikes on its back and it is really long.” Ana

“This is the monster in his nest.” Lily

Trees with many branches also take shape.

Monster food materializes alongside nests. Landon rolls many pieces of clay into monster food.

Bowls of food are made for monsters. We discuss what monster might like to eat.

We notice how clay can hold the impressions of other objects as we shape it with our hands.

“This is the monster.” Calum